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Goodfella’s Pizza
Birds Eye Limited
1 New Square,
Bedfont Lakes Business Park,
Feltham, Middlesex,
TW14 8HA,
United Kingdom

Phone: 0208 918 3200

Contact: Samantha Dolan

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Inspired by the Italian New York pizzerias found in Little Italy, in 1993, Goodfella’s pizza was born with the aim of bringing a slice of deep pan to the UK and Ireland. Ever since then we have focused on making pizza the proper way.

Goodfella’s is the original frozen pizza brand, introducing delicious, authentic and conveniently frozen American Italian inspired products to the UK and Ireland. Goodfella’s is the largest frozen pizza brand in Ireland and number two in the UK and has been part of the Birds Eye family since 2018. Today our offerings have expanded beyond deep pan and the range includes something for everyone, whether that be thin, deep, takeaway, snacking or garlic bread.  True to our history of firsts, we became the first to market on both frozen vegan and frozen gluten free pizza, widening our offer to suit all lifestyle and dietary needs.

All our products are made with respect and we make each one as close as possible to the original recipe.  Each Goodfella’s pizza starts its life as an individual dough ball, freshly made and proven separately to develop the texture and flavour before being baked on authentic serpentine stone, imported from Italy.  They are then topped with tomato sauce that’s made fresh daily and the highest quality toppings for an authentic taste of New York. Our pizzas are fast frozen to lock in the freshness and flavour and as freezing is nature’s way of preserving there’s no need for us to use any artificial colours or flavours.

Goodfella’s Pizza - made with respect 

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