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About Papaya

Papaya is an organisation that is dedicated to helping businesses thrive through the power of business insight and the streamlining of processes.

Working with our customers, we help businesses to overcome some of their biggest challenges, eradicating cumbersome and time-consuming procedures, while enabling the safeguarding and development of their most prized assets; their people.

Using our platform, businesses can replace manual processes, eliminate paper-based systems and put their hands on accurate information anytime, anywhere.

What we do

Papaya offers learning and development, health and safety, compliance, integrated e-learning, real-time reporting, incident reporting and management, and contractor control through Management Information software designed to streamline processes all via a single platform.

Papaya enables businesses enhance internal procedures for training and reporting and allows you to extract insight from your business and enable better decision making, driving productivity and adding value to your bottom line.

Papaya Academy

Additionally, Papaya Academy supports the Papaya system with a number of additional services to help you deliver against your goals in the workplace.

Communication is at the delivery of every successful business objective and Papaya Academy provides you with the expert resource for internal communication and engagement.

Our range of internal communication and engagement services cover

building and delivery of your E-Learning and training programmes and professionally created content.