Associations Welcome Home Affairs Report but…

 The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association together with the British Sandwich and Food to Go Association and Café Life Association, have welcomed the Home Affairs Committee’s report on immigration published 15 January which calls for much stronger co-ordination between immigration policy and the labour market, as well as open and honest debate on the issues.

Eating out under threat?

Britons could find it more difficult to eat out or have hot food delivered if the Government fails to find a way for foreign workers to fill jobs in the UK after Brexit.

Making Brexit work for our industries

An open letter to Rt Hon David Davis MP

I am writing on behalf of three trade associations, which together represent over 2,000 food businesses in the UK and employ over 300,000 people. Our members range from major manufacturers and retailers, to small ‘mama and papa’ shops.

While many in the food industry are very concerned about the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, our Associations take the view that many of the more negative concerns can be positively resolved and add value to the sector.