Reducing Food and Drink Waste

Whether you are a small café, a large food/drink manufacturer, a brewery, a butcher, a hotel, a restaurant, a leisure/events facility, a distributor, or other – Resource Efficient Scotland can support you to prevent and reduce food and drink waste.

Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, has undertaken over 100 food and drink waste prevention projects at a wide variety of sites including hotels, restaurants, bakeries, breweries and food manufacturers. To date it has identified potential cost saving and revenue generating opportunities of over £5.74 million.

Hidden costs of food waste can take businesses by surprise. Costs for food waste uplift and disposal are only one element of the actual cost of waste. Accounting for the costs of the ingredients and processing highlights where efficiencies can make direct savings on the bottom line.

The free audit programme is aimed at identifying opportunities to prevent/reduce food waste on top of already existing practice and importantly save money.

The scope of the food and drink waste audit includes:

- The identification of food and drink flows (and hot spots).
- An assessment of food and drink waste quantities.
- Presentation of waste prevention opportunities, to include:
> supply chain efficiencies;
> procurement;
> packaging;
> storage;
> technical and mechanical processing;
> handling and sorting; and
> staff training and skills identification.
- Presentation of cost, tonnage and carbon savings.

Crucially, there is support available to help implement any recommendation or identified improvements resulting from the audits, which can include equipment upgrades, process changes, or staff training.

“Receiving on-site support from Resource Efficient Scotland has been incredibly beneficial. As a successful SME, we already have a good grasp of our on-site operations but we are always trying to be more efficient and lessen our waste outputs. The potential for positive business impact, cost savings and waste reductions associated with the auditing process is very positive. I would recommend that any company makes time for this free support.” Lewis Hill, Swannay Brewery.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our use of resources and the free Resource Efficient Scotland survey has given us plenty of scope to do this.” Iain Sneddon, Westerwood Hotel Maintenance Manager.

For more information or to organise an audit please contact Resource Efficient Scotland at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit to submit a request for support.