Fun Pizza Facts

World's Largest

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest recorded pizza ever baked was 37.4 metres (122' 8") in diameter and made at Norwood Hypermarket, Norwood, South Africa on Dec 8, 1990. This attempt beat the previous holder (Pizza Hut in Singapore 1990) by 3.5m (11.5'). Before that, the world's largest pizza was 'built' on October 11, 1987 by Lorenzo Amato and Louis Piancone in Italy.

The pizza covered approximately 10,000 square feet and weighed in at 44,457 pounds, consisting of, among other items, 18,174 pounds of flour, 1,103 pounds of water, 6,445 pounds of sauce, 9,375 pounds of cheese and 2,387 pounds of pepperoni. It was eventually cut into 94,248 slices and eaten by more than 30,000 spectators at the baking in Havana, Florida.

American Pizza Consumption

Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza EACH DAY, or about 350 slices per second. Each individual consumes about 23 lbs., or 46 slices, each year. Around 350 pizza slices are wolfed down across the States each second.

Favourite Toppings

Americans prefer meat toppings to veggie toppings by a ratio of 62 to 100. Women order twice as many vegetable toppings than men.

America's favourite topping is pepperoni. 36 per cent of all pizza customers want their pizzas topped with pepperoni. US citizens consume around 251,770,000 pounds of pepperonis every year. 

Least Favourite

The least favourite pizza topping is anchovies.


In Japan, a pizza topping of squid and Mayo Jaga (mayonnaise, potato and bacon) is very popular.

In India, consumers prefer pickled ginger, minced mutton and tofu.

Brazilians have a weakness for green peas sprinkled over for their topping.

Russians serve pizza covered in Moskva - a heady mix of sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon and red onions.

Pizza History

In the 16th century - Maria Carolina, the Queen of Naples convinced her husband, King Ferdinand IV to allow the peasant dish pizza to be made in the royal oven.

In 1889 Raffaele Esposito, the most famous PIZZAIOLO (pizza chef) created a pie for Queen Margherita with a topping of tomato, basil and cheese, (to resemble the Italian tricolore flag). This remains the basis for American pizza even today.

Pizzeria Resarta

In 1905, the first Pizzeria opens in New York City at 53 1/2 Spring St.

In 1945, GI's returning from WWII brought with them a taste for certain foods--pizza was at the top of their list.

Today, in America, pizza is a US$30+ BILLION per year industry {approx. £16 billion), serviced by more than 60,000 pizzerias throughout the country.

American Pizza Sales

According to Blumenfeld and Associates, approximately 3 BILLION pizzas are sold in the U.S. annually.

Pizza Nation

93% of Americans eat AT LEAST one pizza per month. (Source: Bolla Wines.)

Longest Pizza

In 1994, Domino's Pizza stores in Guatemala attempted the world record for the longest chain of pizza. The chain, reaching 500 metres, was donated to local charities.

Habit Forming

American children between the ages of 3 and 11 years prefer pizza to any other dish for lunch and dinner, according to a recent Gallup Poll.

Get me a pizza and make it snappy

Florida's chain of San Carlos Park restaurants is working on offering its customers an alligator pizza. This road crash of food cultures is made with the same love and attention to detail as other imaginative dishes on the menu like applewood bacon and gorgonzola salad and spinach alfredo pizza. As development has shrunk their environment, alligators have been appearing in unusual places all over Florida but on a pizza menu?

World’s largest commercially available pizza

Original Brooks Pizza 2-for-1 Limited in Alberta, Canada have created the Colossal which is currently the Guinness World Record holder for the largest commercially available pizza. The Colossal measures three feet wide, four feet long and provides 108 pieces.That's 12 square feet of pizza for $134.95 (approx £80.00). There's also a Mini Colossal ($69.95/£36.00) which measures a comparatively insignificant three feet by two feet.