Eight gold medals for Beer Morena in California

Success after success, record after record within days for Birra Morena who have won ten gold medals, one silver and three bronze medals in some of the most important specialised competitions to be held around the world and attended by some of the most important breweries from all continents.

In San Diego in the United States, homeland of craft beer, Scotch Ale Celtic was awarded a silver medal at the International Beer Competition (an excellent recognition and confirmation after winning last year at the WBA in London). Good news also from Australian International Beer where beer made in Italy by Morena was also appreciated.

A strict jury considered it worthy of the podium, assigning bronze medals to the Gran Reserva Lucana, White Sweet Stout and Celtic Lucana. In California, at the Craft Competition, an event which brings together companies from around the globe, gold was awarded to Celtic Sweet Stout, Gran Reserva White, Celtic, Lucania Basilicata Scotch Ale, IPA, Organic, Super Celtic Lucanian Ale and Unique. Twelve medals in a few days, to which should be added the two golds won last month in Germany in Neustadt at Meininger’s Internationale craft beer awards. Call 00 39 0971 993 828, or visit www.birramorena.com.