PAPA Bulletin 27 July 2022

This week's bulletin includes:

  • Pavement Licence Guidance
  • UK Food-To-Go Market Recovers Faster Than Anticipated
  • Member Webinar
  • Supreme Court Ruling On Holiday Pay
  • WorkNest Webinar

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Pavement Licence Guidance

The temporary pavement licences process introduces a streamlined consent route to allow businesses to obtain a licence to place removable furniture, such as tables and chairs outside of cafes, bars and restaurants quickly, and for no more than £100.

The Government has now published guidance on what is and is not allowed etc. See

UK Food-To-Go Market Recovers Faster Than Anticipated

The Institute of Grocery Distribution’s new forecasts for the food-to-go market predicts growth for the sector over the next five years.
Members are welcome to download a preview of the report from

Member Webinar

If you missed it, the last member webinar was on the subject of Future Food Trends, and was presented by Nicola Knight and Rhian Thomas of the IGD. To see a recording please go to

Supreme Court Ruling On Holiday Pay

The Supreme Court has published its judgement on Harpur Trust v Brazel, which has significant implications for the hospitality industry. At a very basic level, this judgement is on how businesses should calculate holiday pay entitlements for part time, part year and zero hours contract staff.

Some businesses currently calculate holiday pay on what is generally called a pro-rata basis whereby, any whole week in which no pay was received is included holiday reference period for the calculation of Holiday Pay. Rather, the Supreme Court has ruled that businesses should use the Calendar Week Method in which weeks when the employee was not working are excluded from this calculation.

More information at:

WorkNest Webinar

The next WorkNest webinar is on thew subject of 'Managing Menopause in the Workplace'. It will take place on 11 August at 2.00pm.

According to the NHS, 45% of women feel that menopausal symptoms have a negative impact on their work. What’s more, 47% who needed to take a day off said they wouldn’t tell their employer the real reason.