PAPA Bulletin 7 July 2022

This week's bulletin includes:

  • DEFRA ConsultationLatest WorkNest Webinar
  • Member Webinar
  • PAPA Management Committee Meeting

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DEFRA Consultation

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs is undertaking a consultation on how public sector purchasing power can be used as an exemplar on delivering positive health, animal welfare, environmental and socio-economic impacts. The proposed changes aim to:

1. Promote procurement of local, sustainable, healthier food and catering.

2. Open up public sector supply chains to a wider range of companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to better support local economies, increase resilience, and encourage food producers to innovate.

3. Increase transparency of food supply chains to drive continuous improvement and build our understanding of what is bought, served, sold and wasted in the public sector.

4. Provide guidance and standards that:

  • are simple and engaging
  • reflect latest scientific evidence and national sustainability priorities
  • clearly align with broader Government policies, such as the Defra waste hierarchy guidance and Government dietary recommendations

You can find details of the consultation - here

The survey itself can be found – here 

Member Webinar

The next member webinar will take place on Thursday 21 July at 3.00pm. The guest speaker will be Nicola Knight of the IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution).
Full details of how to join the meeting will be sent out in good time.

PAPA Management Committee Meeting

Minutes of the latest PAPA management committee meeting, on Wednesday 6 July, together with a ‘political wish list’, can be seen at: