Calorie Labelling Clarification

Calorie Labelling Clarification - 8 March 2022

With the Department of Health reluctant to clarify issues around the calorie labelling regulations that come into effect from 1 April, we have sought guidance from our Primary Authority. The following is their interpretation of some of the rules:

25O Staff Limit: Those with fewer than 250 staff are exempt from the regulations but there is some lack of clarity over who counts towards the 250. The view taken by our Primary Authority is that this should be the numbers of staff involved in meal/food provision. Some catering companies may well have to include their administrative staff.

Universities/Higher Education Establishments: The exemptions for education only apply in relation to pupils below the age of 18 which suggests that universities/higher education will not be exempt. It also depends on the number of employees engaged in meal provision. If the university/education establishment is self-contained and employs less than 250, they have an exemption. If the catering is provided by a mass caterer with more than 250, there is no exemption.

Location of Information: The calorie information needs to be front of pack as the legislation requires the information to be easily visible, clearly legible and not in any way hidden or obscured by any other written or pictorial matter, or any other intervening material.

Portions: The portion size is determined by the supplier. The reference to a portion should be explained. There is a tolerance of 20% on the calorie content. The statement of 2000 calories per day is mandatory. Care Homes and Charities:

Care homes and other institutional services providing social care are exempt. Charities providing food free or at a price that is less than the cost of providing the food are also exempt. So are ‘one-off’ fundraising events.

Members who have any questions about the new regulations can send them to jThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we will endeavour to get you answers.