Food Safety Concerns

Food Safety Concerns - 31 January 2022

The Food Standards Agency is seeking feedback from industry on a number of issues potentially affecting food safety:Packaging: Given the shortages of packaging materials, the increased price of packaging materials, and the incoming plastic in packaging tax from 22 April - are there concerns about lower standards in food packaging which could affect food safety and how are you planning to manage these issues?
Staffing Shortages: In view of the widespread shortages of workers, including agency staff, are there any food safety concerns both with regard to the higher percentages of newly trained staff as well as shortfalls in availability of staff to cover certain key functions?
Food Fraud: With reports of manufacturers struggling to meet customer demand, with service levels significantly lower than previously experienced, there are reports that EU customers are potentially seeking financial compensation from suppliers for breaching contracts. Do you have concerns about the affect this could have in terms of food safety, and have you identified any heightened incidence of food fraud?

Sourcing: There have been suggestions of specific strains within supply into foodservice, particularly with regards to supply into private sector catering and hospitality. Does this tally with your current experiences within the sector and are you concerned this could lead to riskier sourcing decisions. Also, do you have knowledge of any specific incidences of food safety or food fraud?
The FSA would welcome any feedback to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.