Mustard in Wheat

Mustard in Wheat - 31 January 2022

The Food Standards Agency is keen to understand more about the problems of mustard contamination in some flour which can potentially affect allergen labelling of some products and has asked if users and suppliers can help by giving them feedback. Questions they would like answers to are:

  • We understand that in Europe in 2021 some wheat crops were “heavily infested” with mustard? What caused this infestation? Agricultural practices (eg. mustard in the rotation, herbicide regime)? Climatic conditions?
  • Did it affect wheat harvests across Europe and beyond?
  • Are regular samples being taken from tanks before wheat is transferred to silos to ascertain the prevalence of contamination?
  • When samples are tested, are both ELISA and PCR techniques employed?
  • What information are industry TA’s passing to its members – quantitative information from allergen tests or advisory allergen information or both? 

Please email any feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.