Issue 158 - November 2013

Inside This Issue

We discuss the importance of the correct insurance and give you some dessert an ice cream ideas.

Read Online

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants launches new web site for 40th anniversary
  • New exhibition for the takeaway industry
  • A rise in ‘aspirational gourmets’ “The right idea at the right time”, say industry leaders
  • PAPA news
  • PAPA Awards 2013
  • Pizza Chef of the Year 2013
  • Takeaway Innovation Expo 2013, London
  • The Mediterranean diet – healthy eating in the Italian food sector
  • Trends in tomatoes – changing demand for this iconic Italian cuisine ingredient
  • A sweet opportunity – dessert and ice cream ideas
  • Tulip's new recipe for growth– a re-launch at Tulip
  • UK hosts Domino’s 2000th European store celebration – a new store in Hemel Hempstead becomes the latest Domino’s milestone
  • Food delivery – are you really insured? The importance of the correct insurance
  • Luna Rossa – trendy sfizi (“small pleasures”) mark the re-launch of this Notting Hill institution
  • Villagio – Hammersmith’s award-winning‘local Italian’
  • Pizza My World – Angie Lawrence of Domino’s Pizza
  • New products
  • Index of PAPA registered suppliers