Employee claims rise for the second year running

The latest round of Employment Tribunal statistics has been released – giving employers a full year picture to compare against the year prior. 

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Dealing with Dermatitis and Respiratory Issues in Pizza Making

Flour and dusting flour can cause skin irritations or respiratory problems in some situations.  The following guidance is designed to help operators deal with potential issues.

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Christmas Hiring - What are your best options?

As we head towards Christmas, it can be a very busy time for sandwich manufacturers and retailers.
To deal with the seasonal rush, you will need to take on extra staff. But what are your best options?

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Invest in your employees’ training

Investing in the training and development of your employees is no longer a luxury. It’s a must.
Your employees are your business greatest asset, so nurturing your talent and equipping them with all the necessary skills is key to your commercial success.

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Dismissing an employee for gross misconduct

When dealing with employee misconduct, employers may have a good reason to dismiss an employee, but if they don’t follow the correct procedure their worst nightmare may come true – they may be forced to defend Employment Tribunal claims.

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Putting mental health on your agenda

One in four of us will experience poor mental health at some stage in our lives, so it’s likely that someone in your business is affected.

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Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety News 05/09/17

Welcome to the latest Ellis Whittam bulletin. This month we announce new training courses, a series of free seminars and bring you the latest HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety news and tips.

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Making Sure Your Staff And Recruits Are Allowed To Work

As an employer, you are legally required to prevent illegal working. You may fulfil this legal duty by undertaking simple checks on your employees’ right to work in the UK. Here's your new guide for making the right checks.

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Five things you need to know about maternity pay

Understanding maternity pay can seem like a HR and legal labyrinth, but here are 5 important things you really need to know.

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Product Integrity Matters To Us All

Apart from the legal requirement not to pull the wool over consumers’ eyes, substituting cheaper ingredients to cut corners potentially both harms your business and our industry. The consumer trust in our industry is hard to win but easy to lose.

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Contracts of Employment Q&A

Contract of Employment – are they just a worthless piece of paper or a great tool for employers?

We take a closer look at the main points you need to consider when drafting and varying contract terms and conditions.

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Terrorism Guidelines

It's something none of us wants to have to consider, however the possibility of being caught up in a terror attack - and more importantly how best for you, your staff and customers react - is worth some planning thought.

Written after the Paris terrorist attacks in late 2015, but still relevant, full and unrestricted access to this article is made exclusively available to PAPA Retail and Supplier Members.

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Make Sure That Your Packaging is Legal and Safe

There are increasing concerns around the food industry about the standards of safety with some packaging, including pizza boxes, due to the chemical content of some of the materials being used.    In some cases this may make the packaging illegal and unsafe to use in the UK.

Full and unrestricted access to this article is made exclusively available to PAPA Retail and Supplier Members as well as EHO's.

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Seafish Guidance on Tuna

Seafish’s regulation team has recently been made aware of an issue with tuna fish that is potentially being imported into the UK. This is an open letter to all members concerned with the use of Tuna. 

Full and unrestricted access to this content is made exclusively available to PAPA Retail and Supplier Members as well as EHO's.

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