Campden BRI News 29/01/18

Here's your latest update on the wide range of infomation and training available from Campden BRI. Practical scientific, technical, regulatory and information support for the food and drink industry.

Bacterial identification and typing: current status and future trends seminar

The identification of microorganisms is a fundamental part of microbiology. Today it is possible to go beyond the traditional ‘genus’ and ‘species’ naming of isolates to differentiate between ‘strains’ of the same species.

This seminar on 1 March explores different approaches to separating microorganisms from each-other to facilitate microbiological investigations into contamination. It will be relevant to microbiologists, technologists and manufacturers from the food and drink industry.

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Food processing hygiene management course
The two-part course, starting in March, helps hygiene management to meet the increasing food safety requirements placed on food businesses by customers, retailers and third party audit bodies. It is the only nationally accredited course of its kind. 

The course has been designed for those involved in managing or assessing hygiene operations / activities in the food industry, technical managers and those who wish to demonstrate that they have a competent person in charge of their hygiene.

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Clean label sugar reduction
In this video, Charlotte Holmes discuses the technical, regulatory and sensory challenges to replacing sugar in food and drink products. She also discusses a new member funded research project on clean label sugar reduction.

Current and impending PHE targets, the sugar levy, demands from consumers and social responsibility mean there is pressure for the food industry to continue carrying out wide ranging reformulation. This presents a major technical challenge.

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