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Here's your latest update on the wide range of infomation and training available from Campden BRI. Practical scientific, technical, regulatory and information support for the food and drink industry.

Cyber security in the food industry: a Campden BRI seminar

The British Standards Institution and Food Standards Agency has recently updated the PAS:96 Guide to protecting and defending food and drink from deliberate attack to include cyber crime as a potential threat to food security.

Our seminar on 27 February will help inform the food industry about threats and challenges to cyber security faced by the food industry. It will also identify industry’s potential vulnerabilities.

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Bacterial identification and typing: current status and future trends seminar

The identification of microorganisms is a fundamental part of microbiology. Today it is possible to go beyond the traditional ‘genus’ and ‘species’ naming of isolates to differentiate between ‘strains’ of the same species.

This seminar on 1 March explores different approaches to separating microorganisms from each-other to facilitate microbiological investigations into contamination. It will be relevant to microbiologists, technologists and manufacturers from the food and drink industry.

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Development of products with health claims - a clinical centre point of view

PATHWAY-27 aims to increase scientific understanding of bioactive compounds in influencing human health. Campden BRI Hungary is one of the 25 partners of the project.

This webinar on 24 January will present the product development process from a clinical centre point of view. Examples from the PATHWAY – 27 project will be used to show the prerequisites of human intervention studies and product, production and design.

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