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Crosta & Mollica founder James Orr founded the business in 2010 after travelling extensively in Italy sourcing the best produce from local farms for UK supermarkets. Visits to these farms sparked a love of regional breads and savoury biscuits. Crosta & Mollica was then born, working closely with the best farms, mills and local producers to bring authentic Italian produce to tables in the UK.

Crosta & Mollica’s business approach of sourcing products from a variety of producers to find the very best quality has stood the brand in good stead, allowing it to be agile and

quickly launch new products to market in response to consumer demand. Last year’s trend for authentic street food in the UK saw James source a premium ‘street pizza’ product, available ready-made and packaged for consumers to heat at home, launched to market within a number of months. Similarly, as the UK’s love for Prosecco continues to eclipse Champagne, Crosta & Mollica has this year expanded its line of savoury biscuits, including Italian specialties Tarallini and Grissini, which make a perfect pre-dinner accompaniment to a glass of Italian fizz. This trend for a pre-dinner drink and snack, called ‘aperativo’ in Italy, is carving out a new eating occasion in the UK.

James Orr says: “It’s always been a passion of mine to bring Italian foods that I love to the UK, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see the appetite grow as we expand our range. We see variety as key to our growth, and are seeing real rewards from offering consumers a wide choice of Italian regional specialities, with more than 25 products in our range from fresh pizzas to breads, savoury and sweet biscuits. We’ve never underestimated our customer and are delighted to see such a growing appetite for the produce that inspired us to start Crosta & Mollica in the first place.”