PAPA Management Committee Members

The Association's Management Committee is deliberately structured to be representative of the broad membership with specific places allocated to each sector of the membership.

Each member of the Committee is elected by the members in the section they represent.

The Management Committee elections take place in the Autumn each year, with the new Committee taking over from the AGM in October.


  • Geoff Parsons, Basilico


  • Keith Griffiths, Yum/Pizza Hut

Former Chair

  • Freiberger (Richard Harrow)


  • Frozen Pizza Manufacturer Kiren Foods (Lesley Chow)
  • Chilled Pizza Manufacturer Stateside (Phil Goodall)

Pizza Restaurants 

  • Chain - Pizza Express (Rupi Zani)

Pizza Delivery Operators 

  • Chain Papa John (David Scott)


  • Just Eat (Seth Gulliver)


  • Maurice Abboudi


  • Mozzarella - Glanbia (John O’Brien)
  • Cheese - Ornua (Richard Thorpe)
  • Meat - Dawn Farm Foods (Julie Sloan)
  • Flour - Whitworths (Alan Ribakovs)
  • Equipment - Jestic (Steve Morris)
  • Speciality Ingredients - Leathams (James Faulkner)

Italian Wholesaler

  • Salvo (Guiseppe Motisi)

Vacancies on Committee:

Supermarket  - frozen

Supermarket - chilled

Pizza delivery operator – independent

Pasta manufacturer/distributor

Italian Restaurant