About PAPA

The Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA) was originally formed in 1977 as the Pizza Association, but changed its name to include pasta and Italian foods in the late 1980s. Today the association is the only formal trade body in the UK representing the broad pizza, pasta and Italian food and drink industry.


The Association is a non-commercial and non-financial body run for the benefit of members by a commercially responsible Secretariat.

Under this structure, the Association itself has no financial liabilities or responsibilities. Thus members cannot be held liable for the finances of the commercial aspects of the association.

All the commercial activities of the Association are run by J & M Group Ltd., a wholly commercial organization which takes total responsibility for the management and financial administration of the Association and its affairs.


There has always been something rather special about the Italian family approach to life and this is something that we at PAPA try to adopt with membership.

Although our membership is diverse and international, the Association aims to be there to help its members when they need it, whether that is to provide specialist advice to help you to solve a particular problem or simply to trace a piece of vital equipment you need. So you always know you have someone to turn to when you need help and advice.

But our support goes much further than simply being there. At PAPA we are concerned to positively build the pizza pasta and Italian food market so that our members – whether they are manufacturers, suppliers or restaurateurs – gain from a strong trading environment.

That’s why you need to be part of The Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association – the only trade body which represents the whole of your industry.


Running a business can be a lonely affair, but as a member of The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association you know that there is always someone to talk to when you need help. Whether it is help with dealing with an environmental health issue, a legal problem concerning an employee or simply some advice on where to source a particular ingredient – we are only a phone call away. In addition to general information about the market and industry, the Association has its own in-house technical department which can provide advice across a broad range of food handling and safety issues.

In addition to our own Advice Line, all our full members also have access to a free legal help-line staffed by legal experts who can help you deal with legal issues, whether they are personal or to do with your business. So, whether you have an employee or a contractual problem or a particularly difficult complaint to deal with, you always have someone to turn to for helpful advice.


As a member of PAPA you will receive a window sticker and membership certificate.

However, those retailer and catering members who are a ‘cut above’ average can apply for an up-grade to Gold Membership. These memberships are those that are commended by the Association and recommended by it in publicity and promotion.

Those sites successful in achieving this status, not only receive recognition by gaining automatic entry into the annual industry awards but are also highlighted on the PAPA website (www.papa.org.uk) as being recommended.

To achieve this higher level of membership involves being audited by the Association.


Whether you are a restaurateur, manufacturer or supplier, one of the aims of PAPA is to help all its members grow their businesses profitably by co-ordinating a range of support activities that will help them.

From providing promotional opportunities by organising National Pizza Week to co-ordinating the development of a road safety programme to help delivery businesses, PAPA is constantly striving to help the industry and its members.

All manufacturing and supplier members are fully listed and promoted in Pizza Pasta & Italian Food magazine, while member restaurants and delivery units are the focus of local publicity generated by the Association and receive the back-up of promotions from time-to-time as well as the support of the PAPA telephone hotline..


If your business is particularly successful, or has launched an innovative new product, it may also be recognised in the annual Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Industry Awards which are organised by the Association. All commended members are automatically considered for Awards and if you run a retail, restaurant or delivery unit which is among those scoring highly in our commendation scheme you may also be presented with a special gold plaque in recognition of this. This can provide a very positive endorsement for your business with customers as well as give recognition to your staff.


Knowledge is a vital ingredient in staying ahead in business. Whether it is knowing about changes in legislation so that you can stay within the law or keeping abreast of new ideas and trends, no business can succeed in isolation. As a member of PAPA you will receive regular copies of Pizza Pasta & Italian Food magazine as well as notices from time-to-time about things which are likely to affect your business, from legislation to market intelligence.


As a member of the Association you gain increasing benefits according to the type and level of membership you achieve.